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WPT 3000 | Sill Plate

Protect the whole framing package from moisture related problems.


Mold and indoor air quality:  WPT 3000 inhibits mold growth and sequesters naturally occurring formaldehydes.

Stabilized:  Reduces moisture absorption by ~50% and improves dimensional stability by as much as 69%. Minimizes bowing, twisting and warping.

Termites:  Proven to prevent ingestion and colonization, including the formidable Formosan Termite.

Wood Rot Decay:  Protects with fungicides and disrupts deterioration conditions by controlling moisture and preserves mechanical strength. 

Sill plate:  Approved for use as sill plate in direct contact with concrete and masonry – but is MUCH more than just sill plate.

Moisture is the enemy of wood fiber

Mold can be an issue even before the bundles get broken.

WPT 3000 is engineered to protect wood products at the source – sawmills, pro-lumber yards and structural building component manufacturers.

Unprotected Wood Products Move With the Dry-Wet-Dry Cycle


Lumber and panels get delivered rain or shine.  Project delays mean units are stored at the site and framing stands exposed for weeks and sometimes months. Framers get called back for windows that won’t open, walls that have racked, twisted and bowed.

Our Formulations Protect and Stabilize


WPT 3000 encases the wood product in a special semi-permeable, polymer barrier that allows the material to breathe but limits natural transpiration by 50%.  The result is builders and framers can expect less cull, fewer call-backs and better jobsite productivity.

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