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                                offers a suite of robust, factory applied topical wood coatings that protect against: 

Surface molds, Fire, Termites and Fungal Decay.


No hazardous materials, no strength degradation, virtually no VOC's, negligible weight gain from coating and are non-corrosive.

Protected and Stabilized.

Our WPT 3000 formulation offer protections against: Mold, Wood Rot Decay, and Termites. 

Proprietary polymers prevent leaching, minimize moisture transpiration and stabilizes lumber and panels.

Protected and Stabilized.


All the benefits and features of WPT 3000 plus our patented  FRC12™ fire inhibitors for a Class B fire rating as defined by 3rd Party ASTM E84 10 minute test regimens.Modern house fires burn hotter and collapse sooner.


 Minutes Matter!


All the benefits and features of WPT 3000 plus our

FRC12™ fire inhibitor for a Class A fire rating as defined by Extended 3rd Party ASTM E84  and UL 723  test regimens in compliance with IBC/IRC Codes 104.11 and IBC section 2303.2.

Certified Code Compliant  


Protection for exterior vertical trim and fencing too!

Protect and stabilize exterior trim, fascia, and fence pickets with D-Fence™ III and IV.

Primed and ready for finishing with any water-based stain or paint, and is approved for use in AWPA Use Categories UC1, UC2 and UC3A.  

D-Fence™ pickets are available finished in seven standard colors with added

proprietary UV color fade protection.



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