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Water Is The Enemy of Wood.
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Water Is The Enemy of Wood.

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Builders and Homeowners can not afford to ignore the devastating consequences of mold fungus growth to wood.

Moisture during framing can lead to mold

The first step is to control the moisture that could damage the wood in the pre-construction phase. When excess moisture enters porous building materials like wood, the materials become vulnerable. Weather and unavoidable construction delays can potentially expose the wood components to excessive moisture content, which is the beginning of future potential problems.

Exposure to mold can occur before, during and after construction. Leaky plumbing, condensation, humidity, create ideal conditions in the building for mold spores to grow.

While you may not be able to prevent unavoidable circumstances such as job site conditions, inclement weather, relative humidity, plumbing, etc- protecting the wood with our WoodProTech formulations provides the first line of defense.

Our special formulations and factory applied coatings are designed specifically to reduce the possibility of damage by limiting the opportunity of moisture related problems starting at the outset of the building project and providing a 10 year warranty.



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