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Tiny Homes need protection too
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Tiny Homes need protection too

WoodProTech, manufactures environmentally friendly wood coatings for SPF and Doug Fir (primarily). These coatings stabilize and protect the wood without pressure treating; which makes our products safer to use as no special fasteners or protective gear are required since we do not use hazardous materials or metals in our formulas. Also, wood protected with WPT coatings is much lighter in weight, which is an important consideration with the transport of tiny homes.

For the homeowner, the coatings provide better indoor air quality(IAQ)-- as wood coated with WPT formulas emit less formaldehyde and less VOC's than untreated wood. All of our formulas provide protection against mold, rot and wood ingesting insects, and several of our products offer our patented FRC12 which can be used as a Class A or Class B fire retardant. We are learning that these features are very important to the home owners, and the cost of this extra protection is very nominal. Our pricing is very competitive and comparable to PT. Our products also come with warranties, which home owners also appreciate.

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