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Stucco Homes are more prone to mold?
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Stucco Homes are more prone to mold?

Stucco is a beautiful siding material that is both durable and long-wearing. It can withstand heavy strikes and is easy to repair when superficial cracks appear. It is incredibly versatile and offers a variety of surfacing options, so finding a finish that will suit your home perfectly is practically a given.

Mold under stucco on house

But despite all the good things about stucco, it may be hiding a deep, dark secret: water damage which contributes to mold, rot and fungal decay.

Stucco Tears- An indication of moisture

More and more homeowners are learning that stucco can be causing mold to grow. During construction, the framing lumber can be exposed to the elements. After it is completed, water makes its way behind the stucco, most commonly in areas along windows and doors and where the roof joins the house. Stucco doesn’t breathe, so the water remains trapped between the finish and the wall of the home. Damage often appears in the form of drip-like staining or discoloration under windows and along the gutters, which is commonly referred to as “stucco tears.”

Homeowners can consider themselves "lucky" if they see stucco tears, because at least they can easily tell that you’ve got moisture damage. But there are times when there are no outward signs of moisture damage, meaning homeowners have no idea that they’ve got mold and mildew and rot eating away at their property until it’s too late.

But while stucco tears are a telltale sign, they are not conclusive. The best way to determine whether there is water damage in stucco is a moisture test. You’ll need to hire a professional to conduct this moisture test. Once it has been diagnosed the home has moisture problem, the options are to either repair or replace the stucco, as well as replacing the damaged framing lumber. This is costly and complicated, and dangerous to the health of the home owner.

Ask your architect and builder about using Wood Pro Tech 3000 to help protect your home and your investment. WoodProTech3000 as well as all of our WPT products, protects the wood from taking on moisture, which helps prevent it from becoming a host or source for the mold spores to grow. Water is the enemy of wood.

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