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Thorough. Complete. Nothing Left to Chance.
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Thorough. Complete. Nothing Left to Chance.

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Record rain fall three years in a row has owners, developers, architects, builders and framers looking for effective methods to deal with the growing costs of mold in wood frame construction.

Mold spores before project goes vertical

Even after your project goes vertical, moisture can lead to mold blooms that effect indoor air quality and fungal decay, both resulting in costly remediation. Field applied prevention and mitigation just treats exposed surfaces and can be hit or miss in terms of quality assurance. WOOD PRO tech has the solution with factory applied, third party tested and proven protection.Factory applied means complete protection for every piece of wood in the structure.Thorough, complete, nothing left to chance.

Mold can be present even before you break the bundle. The System protects framing packages early in the supply chain, so job site storage and project delays don’t become a breeding ground.


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