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Indoor Air Quality is 2-5x more polluted than exterior air
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Indoor Air Quality is 2-5x more polluted than exterior air

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

•People spend the majority of their time indoors, where they face significant health risks due to repeated exposure to air pollutants in their homes, offices, schools and other indoor environments. Exposure to these pollutants can lead to numerous immediate and long-term health problems. Common pollutants include respirable particles, chemical emissions, mold spores, animal allergens, radon, combustion gases, environmental tobacco smoke and pesticides.

Factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality

Creating Healthier Indoor Environments

•According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), the most effective way to reduce indoor air pollution is to reduce or eliminate the sources harmful chemical emissions. Sources of chemical emissions may include cleaning products, furnishings and furniture, flooring, cabinetry, paint, textiles and building materials. Though federal, state or local law does not regulate product emissions, numerous government and private programs, including public health agencies, have recommended minimal exposure levels for indoor pollutants.

Indoor Air is 2 to 5 Times More Polluted Than Outdoor Air

•Most of our exposure to environmental pollutants occurs by breathing the air indoors. These pollutants come from activities, products and materials we use every day. The air in our homes, schools and offices can be 2 to 5 times more polluted, and in some cases 100 times more polluted, than outdoor air.

People Spend 90 Percent of Their Time Indoors

•Indoor air quality is a significant concern, because when the hours spent sleeping, working in offices or at school are added up, people on average spend the vast majority of their time indoors where they are repeatedly exposed to indoor air pollutants. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) estimates that the average person receives 72 percent of their chemical exposure at home, which means the very places most people consider safest paradoxically exposes them to the greatest amounts of potentially hazardous pollutants.

Source: UL Environment, Greenguard Certification

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