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Impregnation through diffusion
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Impregnation through diffusion

The 2018 International Building Code clarifies that fire-retardant-treated wood (FRTW) can be manufactured without using the pressure process; but the wood must be impregnated with chemicals. In the 2018 code, Section 2303.2.2  has been updated to state "that the wood products must be impregnated with chemicals, even if that happens by means other than the pressure process."

Impregnation-- Its Official!

Chapter 2 Definitions of the IBC, which defines FRTW as, "...a wood product that is impregnated with chemicals by a pressure process or other means during manufacture, and which exhibits reduced surface-burning characteristics and resists propagation of fire." Additionally, the product is subject to testing in accordance with ASTM E84 or UL723.

Our patented unique formulations coat and impregnate the wood via diffusion — NOT pressure treating. The formulations provide whole house protection from fungal decay, mold, termites, AND Fire. Our Suite of products include WPT4000 and WPT8000 which have Class B and Class A ratings; complete with sealed TER’s that are code compliant and in accordance with ASTM E84. Our FRC12 is PATENTED.

Impregnation through diffiusion

Signed, Sealed, Code Compliant. No hazardous metals, no harsh chemicals. Protected and Stabilized from the Ground Up. Visit our Products Page to learn more.

WPT4000 Code Compliant Stamp and Label

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