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OUR VIEW- Innovation Always Wins

 We believe that there is a better way to protect wood products from its enemies of moisture, fire, and wood ingesting insects. A way that is non hazardous and enhances wood rather than degrades the wood fiber performance.

We see a world where wood frame construction supports healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) by mitigating mold growth and sequestering formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

We see the potential to enhance all wood products and protect all wood buildings from termites and wood rot decay, saving time and money in repairs. 

We see innovations in wood frame construction; so that in the event of a fire, rewards occupants with critical extra minutes to escape while giving the fire fighters more time for rescue.  


Minutes Matter!


Our formulations are non-hazardous, robust topical applications that have successfully protected 100s of millions of board feet of lumber since 2007. 

It starts with our patent pending, Wood Surface Film  Concentrate (WSFC™).  A proprietary blend of mold, termite and fungal inhibitors with special, stabilizing polymers that encase the wood product in a semi-permeable barrier.  It breathes, but moisture movement in and out is dramatically reduced.

WoodProTech formulations impregnate and bond with the wood fibers at the molecular level through the process of chemical diffusion which results in no strength reduction, unlike pressure treated wood. 

We add our patented fire inhibitor, FRC12™, to achieve various levels of fire retardancy. FRC12™  retards fire by lowering flame temperature, diluting oxygen, and reducing the available fuel.

The FRC12 impregnates and bonds with the wood fiber at the molecular level.

Biocides, fungicides, and termiticides stay at the surface, protected by the polymer barrier.


We believe protected wood products should be easy to make, easy to buy and easy to use.  The key is a streamlined supply chain that puts coating operations close to the forest and close to the end user. 

We have  Affiliate programs designed for sawmillers and secondary wood products manufacturers as well as lumber dealers and structural building component makers in local markets.  And it is a perfect fit for the high growth off-site construction model.  

Representative only.  Various options available, including retrofitting existing inline equipment for sawmills, etc.

Our chemistry is specifically engineered to be factory applied thru low cost, small footprint, bolt to the floor spray lines that can be up and running in 90 days. 


Tight quality control; cloud-based, software driven mixing and monitoring to ensure proper formulation and application. 



We are actively recruiting Affiliate partners throughout the United States.

Click the button above to learn more about our Affiliates and our vision.

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